This is Zerlene.

She was a Customer Service Rep turned People & Culture Manager. Now she’s a technology maven, working alongside Buyatab’s Development team as a Front- End Developer.

Q:  What does a typical day at Buyatab look like for you?

First things first, say hello to the pups! I usually get in early so there aren’t too many humans around yet. It’s nice because I have some quiet time to look at my sprint and plan my day out.

At 10:15 I have a scrum meeting with my team, the Super Awesome Agile Developers (S.A.A.D) Team to talk about where we’re at with the current sprint.

As a front-end developer I get to work on a mix of client-based projects and internal projects. A lot of my days entail meeting with people from all different aspects of our business, from product owners to account management and of course working with our QA team to get everything tested and ready for live.

Q: What has been the most memorable moment for you so far at Buyatab?

It’s a tie!

The day I signed the papers to officially join the ranks of the Technology team at Buyatab was the happiest day for me. I guess that’s too obvious, so I’ll give you another one of my favourite moments.

I started at Buyatab just before Christmas time, which is our busiest time of the year. I started as a Customer Service Rep while I was finishing school. It was so busy, and I mostly worked nights or weekends, so I didn’t really get a chance to connect with any of the other employees because I was in and out on most days.

A few weeks after Christmas I got this voicemail from Matias and Jordan, saying something about me winning a trip and sending me on a cruise or something ridiculous. Obviously, I was confused and nervous about why they wanted to talk to me. So, I called them back and they wouldn’t tell me anything except that I needed to come into the office to talk to them.

So, I came into the office the next day and they sat me down, super serious at our ping pong table meeting room – I think Maddie was there too. Turns out they weren’t actually sending me on a trip (of course I knew that 😉). But, much to my surprise, they wanted me to take on the role of People & Culture!

This stuck it my mind because it was such a funny way to go about it, and I was still pretty new to Buyatab. It was so out of the blue and unconventional, but it sticks in my mind as a ‘most memorable moment’ because of the way it made me feel – inspired, appreciated and apart of the team.

Q: What was the best concert you ever attended?

The Arcade Fire was incredible live. Their albums are very story driven and their shows reflect the theme of their albums very well. It was like watching a live jam session where the musicians were switching instruments in between songs. I think there was one point where one guy was playing two pianos side by side at the same time.

Seeing them in Vancouver where a major part of their fan base lives, you could really feel the energy and the vibe throughout the entire arena. Hearing the songs from their old albums that I grew up listening to made it all the more special for me.

Q: What places are on your travel bucket list?

The Galapagos Islands, because of how biodiverse it is. I’ve always had respect and admiration for the environment and have always been fascinated with the way animals can affect change or bring balance into their habitats. I feel like I would be in awe the whole time.

Q: What is your favourite song to get a party started?

Mariah Carey Fantasy Remix!!!!!

Q: If you could be any character in a TV show/movie, who would you be?

Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy, so I could travel the Galaxy, keep it safe, hangout with Groot and listen to Star Lord’s awesome mix tape (maybe even learn a few dance moves).