It’s no secret that the success of mobile wallets is dependent on several factors coming together. A wallet wouldn’t be a wallet without its compartments, cards and money, and mobile wallets are no different. There are payment cards, digital coupons and passes, to name a few. All of these things are worthwhile and, interestingly, each one holds a unique value.

As a leading provider of digital gift cards, we truly see the value of mobile wallets. Our vision here at Buyatab is the world where all stored value cards are digital.

There are many benefits to mobile wallets but here are our top three:

1. Organization and storage.

Users have an easy, seamless and accessible place for a wide variety of digital passes, tickets, gift cards and payment types. Everything is all in one place, carries the same weight, and goes everywhere with you without any need to think about it.

2. Ability to access without data or WiFi.

This one made the list because it’s extremely practical and, in our opinion, does not get enough recognition.

Too often, do you find yourself in an area with low connectivity, travelling without data or without a data package? In these kinds of situations, searching for an old email or trying to load a link can be inconvenient, especially if you’re in front of a counter with a lineup forming behind you.

3. Opportunity for richer user experience

This one is a game changer. The ability for brands to interact with a user after an item is stored in his or her wallet represents marketing at its very finest.

Imagine you’re walking by a store and you get an alert that you have a gift card with a balance on it for that establishment. Or, you’re at the airport waiting for a flight and your gate changes; thankfully, you checked in on your phone so you get the notification as soon as the change is made. This level of convenience is just not possible in the physical (printed or plastic) world.

Through working with leading brands, we’ve gained multi-level perspectives on mobile wallets. Whether you’re using Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay, they are all built to have comparable functions and provide convenience in similar ways.

At Buyatab, we’re big believers in mobile wallets because we work with them every day. We see the value with every digital transaction, whether it’s through one of our partners or if we’re shopping on our own. Adoption is still in the early stages, but we believe it will follow the same adoption curve as digital cameras. In other words, it’s inevitable…mark our words.