Another year has come and gone, but it’s always worthwhile to look back and reflect on what’s happened throughout the year.

1. We made our office a home. We moved into our new space last summer but this past year, we added personal touches that made it feel like more than just an office. We added several plants because who doesn’t love and appreciate them? We created a team library that holds a collection of classics and personal favourites from the Buyatab team, either donated  by staff or purchased by Buyatab at the request of an employee. And, we added hammocks for those days when you just need to take a little break.

2. We launched 16 new brands.

3. We won some awards. We were awarded the coveted Growth Company of the Year Award at the BCTIA’s. We were also ranked on Deloitte’s Fast 50 list for the 2nd consecutive year and ranked on the Growth 500 list, making us the fastest-growing software company in Vancouver for 3 straight years. These are all great accomplishments that truly reflect the hard work and dedication of our amazing team.

4. We have a new CEO, you may have heard of him and seen him around….
After starting the company nine years ago, Buyatab’s founder, Matias, became the company’s new Chief Executive Officer.  This was a natural progression for Matias and was especially exciting for those who have worked alongside him for the past several years. Those excited also include Matias’ second in command, Draper, Buyatab’s Chief Barking Officer, who thinks that this will somehow get him more chicken and treats. The verdict is still out on that one.

5. We got some new swag. We encouraged everyone to explore their creative side with a sweater design contest. In groups, participants were instructed to create a design for the release of our 2nd annual company sweater. Keeping in mind, “What does Buyatab mean to you?”, each group was given 3 weeks to submit a design and the winner was decided by a company wide vote. Why exactly is this a highlight? We just really love swag! You’ll see Buyatab employees sporting the winning design around town, look for us!

2018 was good to us, but we can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring. Happy Holidays!