Last week, experts from industries spanning Retail, Loyalty, and Payments gathered to Chicago, Illinois to attend the 2nd Annual Flourish Conference. Presented by K+H Connection, Flourish aims to connect industry experts to create conversations around the growth of branded currency.

Matias Marquez, Buyatab’s Founder & COO, took the stage to engage in a discussion titled “Mobile Technology and its Impact on Branded Currency”. His presentation speaks to changes that have been fuelled by technology and discusses where branded currency and mobile payments fits into everything.

Memorable highlights from his presentation include:

  • The 10x rule. The 10X Rule is the amount of effort and thought that’s needed in order to yield successful results or behavioural change. Unfortunately, 1 or 10 percent better is not good enough. The secret to extraordinary success is to put in 10 times the effort. Customers won’t be willing to change their habits and switch over unless they’re receiving significant benefits.
  • Technology has the power to impact industries. Consider the fall of Blockbuster and the rise of Netflix, or Toys r’ Us and Amazon. Benefits that drove these changes include increased selection of goods and content to end users, accessibility and convenience, and pricing. Technology has played an integral role in all of these factors and will continue to drive change across all industries that don’t grow as technology advances.
  • Mobile Payments is following the traditional adoption curve. It may seem like it has taken time but, we’re getting there! The tough part is getting over the chasm but with technology at the forefront, it’s only a matter of time before we completely surpass it and mobile payments becomes the norm.

A big thanks to K+H Connection for planning another successful conference. We’re already looking forward to what next year will bring! If you want more information about Flourish and the benefits of attending the conference, visit their website here.