Buyatab’s Annual Summit took place this past June in Toronto, Ontario. This one-day event connected industry leaders, spanning from retail, incentive marketing, and banking, for a day of networking and learning, to discuss trends in digital gift cards and the payments industry.

The Buyatab Summit covered various topics including our product development process, gift card fraud, and even incorporated presentations from our partners, the Gift Card Network and Directworx.

It was a full day of learning with information flowing from session to session. So much so, that we organized a contest and asked participants to list what they learned throughout the day. Two takeaways that proved to be popular amongst attendees are highlighted below!

Purchases Are Connections
Buyatab’s Keynote Speaker, James Connell, VP of eCommerce & Marketing at Roots, kicked off the day with a session on Emotional Connections Through Digital. Connell explains that when you give a gift card, you’re giving the recipient more than just the monetary value on that card. You’re giving them an emotion by providing them with the opportunity to purchase what they want. Creating emotional connections with customers is what will keep them coming back for more.

It’s All About the Benjamin’s…
Meaning, it’s all about the money. Buyatab’s CTO, Chris Falk, touched on several fraud statistics in his presentation. But if you’re going to remember 1 thing, it’s that a fraudster has 2 main goals:

  1. Convert to cash as fast as possible.
  2. Obtain purchasing power on a payment card.

Re-live the summit below!