As a result of the pandemic, consumer shopping habits quickly shifted to be primarily online. Shoppers, now more than ever, are expecting a seamless digital journey and for companies to offer more digital options to fit a customized online experience. As we approach the season to be jolly, businesses must keep in mind that as shopping habits have changed, gifting expectations are also adapting.

As circumstances are everchanging, companies that strive to perform well during the holiday season must have an active digital presence, while presenting digital gifting options, such as e-gift cards.

Here’s why:

1. Gifting:

It is predicted that more than 45% of holiday shoppers will make most of their purchases online. [1] From the first glance, to the purchase confirmation page, creating a streamlined journey while providing quick customer support will play a huge factor in consumers deciding where to shop this holiday season. While keeping in mind convenience for the gift card recipient and gift-giver, flexibility and eco-friendly options, e-gift cards are the perfect gift! Easy to give, easy to use and easy to store!

2. Delivery:

As mail delivery continues to face delays and brick and mortar locations are closing, the stress of delivery and finding the perfect gift increases ten-fold. Shoppers purchasing e-gift cards give loved ones the freedom of choice, while not worrying about delivery mishaps – or even worse, a lost gift. Since e-gift cards are delivered instantly, consumers are given the ability to view a loved one’s live reaction over video chat, just as if they were in person.

3. Redemption:

Whether redemption is done from the comforts of their own home or in-store, gift card recipients are given flexibility in how they choose to use gift cards. Many retailers and restaurants have shifted to a digital-first approach and offer many more online services and options than before, such as free delivery, curbside pick-up or mobile ordering ahead. Offering minimal to contactless purchasing options is a major win for businesses, ensuring gift card recipients a personalized experience based on their own comfort levels.

4. Supporting Local Businesses:

Every little bit helps each business! Gift cards have been many SMBs lifeline during this time. And ultimately, consumers spend 30-40% more than the card’s total value. [2] It goes to show that e-gift cards are perfect in mutually benefiting both the receiver and the local business – ensuring businesses are immediately supported without the need to set foot in-store, while customers can redeem whenever ready.

However, without an active online presence or advertisement on your brand’s website for available digital options, customers are unaware of new offerings. It is important to maintain an online presence with digital gifting options, ensuring you stay on the forefront of all consumers’ minds.

We are unable to celebrate together physically; however, with the digital world, we are still able to celebrate together from afar! Near and wide, we hope to navigate through this holiday season while upholding as many traditions as possible, starting with e-gift cards.

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