The information that we receive from our customers is important. It has the power to tell us what areas to focus on and what opportunities are available to grow our partner’s gift card programs.

Results from our findings show that brands are increasingly relying on heavy gift card users to drive their revenue throughout the year. But what about infrequent gift card users?

In this blog post we outline proven opportunities that brands have to attract all types of gift card users and how incorporating simple best practices can improve their overall program.

Here are 4 proven best practices:

1. Omnichannel – Create a shopper-friendly experience.

The modern consumer enjoys shopping on multiple platforms at a time. Offering a seamless omnichannel experience and a smooth transaction process can make all the difference when consumers are choosing where to purchase from. 96% of consumers agree that the leading purchasing driver is a brand’s ability to provide a great user experience.

2. Convenience is critical – Make it convenient.

Convenience is key. Brands can potentially lose more than 35% of shoppers if gifting options are unavailable. By providing both digital and physical gifting options, shoppers can choose their preferred gifting style and are more likely to complete their purchase successfully.

3. Incentives drive behaviour – Make it rewarding.

More than 75% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand if they are offered a bonus or promotional incentive. Brands can set up different promotions, such as promo codes or bonus cards to further increase consumer engagement and encourage consumer spending.

4. Make it relevant.

More than 50% of brands attract and keep customers by offering multiplate designs: occasion-based or holiday-based. By adding thoughtful touches through personalized messages and custom designs, customers can add a personal touch when gifting digital gift cards, making it the perfect gift for every occasion.

Through our research, we’ve learned that when brands make the experience about the user, whether it’s the online experience or the overall offering, customers feel good and are excited about what they are purchasing. Truly successful gift card programs incorporate all of these best practices and find that increased user satisfaction is well worth the time and effort.

All information provided by Stored Value Solutions “Attracting Gift Card Shoppers to Your Brand – Shoppers Insights and Suggestions”