Elevating your gift card program can be as simple as adding new designs to your carousel. The designs on these cards are extremely important because they signify your brand and the occasion that your customers are gifting for. Our partners see their gift card designs as a way of interacting with their customers , offering designs that are unique to them, some more simple and others quirkier in aesthetic and message.

I work with our partners to update their gift cards throughout the holidays and for various festive occasions. Typically, brands have six constant designs on a yearly basis but regularly switch out individual designs with new ones. They do this to enhance the customer experience, allowing their frequent visitors to feel like they’re sifting through a slightly new experience each time.

Brands in different industries might see certain occasions that lift their gift card program more than others. Some like to focus their efforts on holidays while others like to design cards that can be used all year round. A trend that we’ve seen grow is the idea of self-gifting. This has increased in popularity due to a retailer’s use of loyalty points or incentives with purchase. Fun messages like “Treat Yourself” demonstrates that eGift cards can be used for gifts but also can be purchased for yourself as well.

When in doubt, it’s safe to rely on upcoming holidays. Our eCommerce Calendar is a useful guide for brainstorming ideas when launching promotions.