From day one, our Client Success team ensures each client’s unique and specific needs are taken care during each stage of a client’s digital gifting program. As part of Buyatab’s holistic approach as a platform, we also offer a dedicated team, assigning an appointed Client Success Coordinator to assist and help optimize your digital gifting program.

Our approach strongly advocates for gift card program managers to form meaningful and trusting relationships with their Client Success Coordinator.  From the introduction to our team and our client portal, we provide a hands-on experience as we design and implement your personalized gifting program.

Our Care Timeline includes the following stages: Implementation, Day-to-Day Account Management, and Program Growth. From the first stage and onwards, we are here every step of the way. Post implementation, our client success team devotes time to support and leverage our ongoing relationships to provide strategic insights catered specifically to your program and industry, ultimately becoming your one resource and guide for all your digital gifting needs.

We believe communication is key. Because of our dedicated approach, we are able to fully assess and understand areas of growth and opportunities within your program. As gifting programs grow and new features are created, your designated Client Success Coordinator will assist your day-to-day needs with regular scheduled calls to update and assist in your gifting program growth. Beyond the updates and addressing any open questions, Client Success Coordinators can help with strategic planning or provide gift card best practices and suggestions to maximize your promotions.

We deliver program health checks and assist in growing and optimizing your digital gifting program. We share insights such as sales review, reports, consumer trends and industry knowledge, but also insights and feedback from our teams. We work closely with our Product team and Customer Service team, offering a direct line to customer feedback and new features. This is highly beneficial as Coordinators are then able to provide innovative and catered solutions, and educate our partners further on features that are advantageous

At Buyatab, we value clients and build relationships beyond the mundane tasks. As a friend and advisor, we value your trust and promise to provide support for all gifting needs. We offer customized solutions to uphold gifting standards and practices while best servicing customers’ gifting needs.

For more information on our dedicated approach or for more assistance on your gifting needs, please contact our Client Success team at